The True Intimacy Model

The True Intimacy Model is a cycle of actions that drives you toward greater customer understanding and involvement, enabling a transformational process that rethinks your actions through your customers’ needs. 

Where to Act – Drives the assurance that you are focused on the markets and accounts in which you need/want and can achieve True Intimacy – driving better outcomes and becoming a “force multiplier” through efficient and effective use of resources.

What to Do – Creates the tools that make True Intimacy possible; populates and creates the Account-Pathways; determines the role of Professional Services in the Pathways; and assures that you have the offer construct to build the intimacy with accounts.

How to Win – Brings everything to the “Affinity Targeted” accounts; puts you in an intimate, effective place with the key executives; provides the means to stay relevant in between big deals; and makes you an advisor that the account cannot live without.