True Intimacy Model Components

Each of the True Intimacy business model components interrelate to create competitive advantage and renewable differentiation for our clients.


Inverse Market Segmentation

Deriving segmentation from the point of view of the customer’s market realities and the opportunities to impact these realities and build True Intimacy.


Affinity Targeting

Targeting aligns the specific Idea (i.e. “Offering” or Service Chain topic) to the account or new target with the highest propensity to take action to realize the Idea’s outcomes. Used to penetrate new accounts above safety line, refresh current account, or take new offer/product to market.

Categorizing Accounts.png

Account Categorization & Synthesis

Once a target has started the first Journey (been sold into), or as an account is re-evaluated, they will be categorized based on the revenue and growth opportunity. Synthesizing accounts provides you the ability to maximize your Customer Portfolio and organically create greater value.


Transformative Portfolio

Focuses on what offers, customer journeys, and pull through strategies are needed for each segment. Additionally, it optimizes the portfolio between offers needed to build intimacy and ability to financially perform.

Building Offers.png

Integrated Offers

Service Chains are pre-planned offers that create sales cycles, drive intimacy and elevate commoditized products and services.

Account Pathways.png

Account Pathways

Pre-planned Account Pathways leverage the understanding of Account Categorization and Inverse Market Segments. Account Pathways enable efficiency and de-risk account selling and management. Account Pathways provide account goals, account growth plans, and drive accountability in the Account Leaders.

Leading Account Journeys.png

Leading Account Journeys

Successful Account Management leverages the role of Trusted Advisor to build client partnerships. Before an Account Lead can begin to earn the right to act as a Trusted Advisor, several foundational elements must be cemented in the relationship.  These are described in the “What to Play” and “Where to Play” elements of the True Intimacy cycle.


Idea Selling

Selling through Intimacy and Ideas is a different type of selling motion: it leads with ideas and guides the customer through decisions (a Journey) needed to undertake significant change. This requires more meaningful interactions and proactively starting new sales cycles founded primarily on substance and less on camaraderie.  The goal is to challenge the customer with new ways to address their market realities and their appreciation of this candor.

Professional Services.png

Advisory Capacity

The penultimate action of the True Intimacy cycle is to adapt your business model to enter into a professional services capacity where the cycle’s actions (Where, What and How to Play) are integral to the success of your business.  For some this is a modification of their current professional services arm, for others this could be the development and integration of a whole new practice.