For more than 20 years, McMann & Ransford has helped some of the world's leading B2B companies realize the value of customer intimacy as a sustainable business model.


The greatest risk facing business-to-business (B2B) companies today is commoditization of the very products and services that made the company successful. 

All products can be affected by this and even the most innovative technology has a shorter lifecycle than ever before. Increased competition and lower technological barriers are symptoms of this accelerated commoditization.  Products and services will commoditize, but companies don’t have to.

McMann & Ransford provides B2B companies a means of thwarting the commoditization cycle through Renewable Differentiation, a proven mechanism for returning to growth and margin. We help our clients create True Intimacy™ with their customers and in their key markets. 

This allows our clients to become members of their customer’s management team, as a trusted advisor that leads the way in helping their customers address problems and take advantage of opportunities. Giving you access to greater share of their senior attention, thought, and ultimately share of spend.

What does this do for our clients?  Completely changes the growth opportunity, realizable margin at key accounts, and provides avenues to take accounts from competitors and enter new segments.

The world's leading companies turn to us

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