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I think it’s essential to move to the Intimacy Engine, because intimacy is at the core of being a solutions business. You need a framework and an approach that allows you to think about and manage intimacy with clients over time. I’ve enjoyed working with McMann & Ransford a great deal. They’ve taken a number of companies through this transition, so they have great perspective on what it takes to make the transition. Their team provides excellent coaching, and I think that’s made more powerful because they are a solutions business themselves. So, as you try to make the change, they aren’t just coaching you on how to be a solutions business, but you observe them performing and behaving as a solutions business themselves."

Jeff Terry, Managing Principal
General Electric Healthcare


Working with McMann & Ransford was a real pleasure. They had certainly adopted the Customer Intimacy model themselves. Investing in and really understanding our strategies, and the biggest challenges we would have in transforming our business. They not only served as strategic advisors, but they rolled up their sleeves and worked with us out in the field providing coaching, training, and in many cases, working side by side with our team on behalf of our clients.”

Kelly Rakowski, Managing Director
(formerly Managing Principal,
GE Healthcare Performance Solutions)

pictureI was lucky enough to lead this effort on Diebold’s behalf. We’re a 150 year old company transitioning to a services led company, and the work with McMann & Ransford was invaluable in being able to take us from a product-centric focus to a solutions-centric focus, how we think about those solutions and how we think about the engagements with customers... The intellectual property Diebold has created in conjunction with McMann & Ransford has been incredibly useful to our business.  Our offers are refined so that they are more reflective of our customers’ needs, and our sales engagement process has been improved, such that we are adding value every time we walk in the door.”

Chuck Somers, Vice President
Diebold, Inc.


The business insights and wisdom McMann & Ransford brought to each project enabled us to achieve more and to achieve it more quickly. One insight in particular is still the primary framework we’re using for building our service offerings. They truly understand how to take ideas to market and to build a services business."

Russ Buchanan, Vice President, Xerox

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