About McMann & Ransford

McMann & Ransford is the architect of strategy, knowledge and people solutions tailored for Customer Intimacy. We assist product-based B2B companies, industrial services, management consulting, and professional services firms in developing and sustaining a dominant presence in their marketplace.

We are the largest provider of management consulting, training, executive recruiting and market research services specializing in the customer intimacy marketspace.

Leading B2B companies, whether entering or optimizing their services and solutions capability, retain McMann & Ransford for results involving strategy, analysis of competition and markets, talent sourcing and development, and business model transformation.

McMann & Ransford is committed to turning strategic insight into success for its clients. Our core essence of strategy consulting, market intelligence, talent acquisition, and people development helps lay the Customer Intimacy foundation any B2B organization can build upon.

Philosophy and Mission

Most complex B2B businesses need to move to a Customer Intimacy business model at some point in their business cycle - particularly when they find that their innovation curve is no longer providing a long period of price differentiation for new products or product extensions. However, most companies are ill-equipped to make this journey. Furthermore, many believe it is just a new way of selling - like so many sales training courses over the last 20 years. And finally, because this transformation is so different and difficult, most over-simplify, under-invest and set short-term success hurdles that cannot be met - and then get frustrated and quit. Like any change initiative of this magnitude - many fail. We want to lower that failure rate and assist companies in understanding what does and does not work.

Often the very things that made these corporations successful in their high growth periods stand in their way moving to the new model. We think the customer intimacy journey affects every level of an organization: corporate, operating divisions, sales, R&D, HR, financial measures, staff functions and maybe most important of all - individual leaders - all struggle to make sense of the journey and how they can be successful. Through it all we have become more convinced of the power of the Customer Intimacy Engine.