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For more than 20 years, McMann & Ransford has helped some of the world's leading B2B companies realize the value of customer intimacy as a sustainable business model. Most complex B2B businesses need to move to the Customer Intimacy model at some point in their business cycle - particularly when they find that their innovation curve is no longer providing a long period of price differentiation for new products or product extensions. Our proven Customer Intimacy Engine™ has served as the breakthrough transformation blueprint for over 45 companies across 17 industries.

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The Customer Intimacy Journey: Where Do You Stand?

Every B2B company is somewhere on this journey; do you know where you stand and where you're going? Find out where you are on the journey to Customer Intimacy »

As you may know already, between 70-75% of change initiatives in large companies fail for a variety of reasons. Our purpose at McMann & Ransford is to guide you using our Customer Intimacy Engine™ to help you build your next business model and win. Because of competitive pressures, companies have begun to realize that they must make the journey from product-centered to solution-led and service-driven business models. They must learn the discipline of customer intimacy.

Why? Because customer intimacy far surpasses product sales for its sustainable, value-creating potential, both for the company and its customers. Building a services-led capability is an evolutionary process, requiring a deliberate approach for reaching the next step toward the goal.

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McMann & Ransford has provided a clear framework for developing long-term opportunities and motivating a buyer to move to the next level. Utilizing the 'Service Chain' approach has affected my ability to not only build a relationship foundation from which to springboard to a larger, more strategic discussion, but has strengthened my confidence in positioning myself as an expert bringing value to the customer at every meeting."

Steve Griener, Sales Executive,
General Electric Healthcare


The business insights and wisdom McMann & Ransford brought to each project enabled us to achieve more and to achieve it more quickly. One insight in particular is still the primary framework we’re using for building our service offerings. They truly understand how to take ideas to market and to build a services business."

Russ Buchanan, Vice President, Xerox

pictureWe were facing a tremendous amount of pressure to achieve our revenue results in a down economy. With the help of McMann & Ransford, we were able to revamp our go-to-market strategy at the organizational and individual level. The change in mindset McMann helped us drive truly created results that we wouldn't have been able to do on our own!“

Norman Schippers, Head of Hewitt Consulting


We’re a 150-year old company, transitioning to a services-led company and the work with McMann & Ransford was invaluable in being able to take us from a more of a product-centric focus to more of a solution-centric focus…how we think about those solutions and how we think about the engagement with customers.”

Chuck Somers, VP, ATM Security & Systems, Diebold Inc.

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